Connect with our LG Consultants

During our travels, we have come across numerous independent professionals and consultants out there who are ready, able & willing to assist Councils with their day to day & end of year accounting needs.

Being a small team, LG solutions can’t manage to help every Council “on site” so we’ve listed here some contractors that have successfully used & worked with our products.

Below, please find a listing of independent contractors that have worked with Councils and who we know have successfully used our products.

Please note that all work engagements made would solely be between the Council & the independent Contractor.

Igor Ivannikov

Chartered Accountant CA with more than 10 years of external audit experience.
I know exactly what auditors want and how to give them what they want.
The main area of interest is infrastructure assets accounting and revaluation, in particular.

  • Annual Financial Reporting
  • Project Coordinator for revaluation of infrastructure assets
  • Asset accounting
  • Asset Registers clean up
  • Special Schedule 7 preparation
  • Accounting policies set up
  • Audit process coordinator

Within 3-4 hours drive from Armidale, NSW

0412 932 174 

Laurie Knight Local Gov Consulting

  • Local Government Rating and Financial Management
  • Financial Asset Management planning and reporting
  • Systems design and internal control
  • Software implementation project management
  • Completion of annual Financial Statements
  • End to end management of the entire annual audit process
  • External review of asset systems, valuations and implementation of asset registers
  • Budget and QBR preparation, reporting and long term financial planning
  • Chart of Accounts design and implementation
  • Rating reviews and preparation of SRV submissions
  • Asset accounting and management planning
  • Project management and systems implementation
  • Analysis of system controls and procedures
  • Staff mentoring and training.

NSW and Qld regional and remote preference

0499 800 227 (Laurie) or 0439 424 867 (Edna)


John Duggan

  • Over 30 years Local Government
  • Experience in CFO, Corporate Service and General Manager Roles
  • Highly skilled in Technology One and conversant with Authority, Practical and Civic View
  • Excellent skills with Microsoft office applications particularly Excel.
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Budgeting and Long-term Financial Planning (particularly using LGS LTFP)
  • Annual Financial Reporting (again using LGS templates) including audit liaison.
  • Asset Management Accounting
  • Systems review and design and reporting.
  • General Ledger design
  • Project reporting and analysis

NSW and southern QLD

0427 755717

Gary Mills

  • Over 30 years in senior finance roles
  • Assisting with budget preparation and annual accounts for a large regional Council
  • Working for small/medium metropolitan councils
  • Assisting the establishment of an amalgamated Regional Council
  • Creating rating policy to equitably spread the rating burden across categories
  • Successfully implementing new finance systems
  • Ensuring the finance ledger links with all integrated reporting needs
  • Aligning financial data with Asset Management Plans to meet engineering needs
  • PowerBudget, Magiq and BIS budgeting and reporting with appropriate datasets
  • Implementing new financial systems
  • Ledger review and design
  • Financial Sustainability reviews
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Long Term Operating Budget and Delivery Program
  • Financial Planning
  • Getting the best information out the ledger meeting various information needs

All NSW including regional

0411 808 928

Daniel Cooper

  • Degree qualified in Accounting and Economics
  • More than 26 years experience in local government covering metropolitan, regional and rural councils.
  • Solid technical expertise in Technology One, Authority and Practical
  • Prequalified under SCM005 (NSW Procurement) for Business Process Improvement and Financial and Budget Managemen
  • Annual Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting and Long Term Financial Planning
  • Revenue Policy Development
  • NPV Analysis, Business Planning
  • FMIS implementation, database reporting
  • General Ledger/Chart of Accounts design
  • Internal Controls
  • Process Improvement/Internal Review
  • Asset Management and Financial Planning Integration

Sydney, South Coast and Southeast NSW. Assignments also considered in other NSW regions, remotely in Victoria & South Australia

0478 498 647

Matthew Walker

  • Over 35 years in Local Government
  • Experienced CFO / Finance Manager
  • High level knowledge of TechnologyOne and Infor Pathway
  • Experienced user of Civica
  • Advanced skills in Excel and data analytics (Power Bi)
  • Long Term Financial Planning and Modelling.
  • Resolving technical accounting and audit issues.
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Long Term Financial Planning
  • Financial Modelling
  • Annual Financial Reporting
  • Asset Management and Accounting
  • System reviews, design, and implementation
  • General Ledger, Subledgers and Project Costing review
  • Internal Controls
  • Ad hoc reporting systems, project reporting and analysis.
  • Rates modelling

NSW including regional

0408 662 109

UHY Haines Norton

  • Staff have over 30 years in Local Government
  • Experienced Local Government Finance Managers & Manager Corporate Services roles
  • Conversant with Authority (Civica), IT Vision (Synergy), Magiq, TechOne
  • Excellent skills in Microsoft including Excel & Word
  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Budgeting and Long Term Financial Planning
  • Annual Financial Statements and Reporting
  • Asset Management Accounting
  • Internal Controls and Internal Auditing
  • Prudential Reports
  • Rating, Rate Modelling and Rate Reviews

All States, Australia wide

(08) 8110 0999


  • Accountants specialising in Local Government bodies and not for profit organisations
  • “stand-in” work support services to provide coverage during staff absences, including finance officers, accountants and CFO roles
  • Once-off specialised project work
  • Short term and long term contracts to provide accounting consulting services
  • We have experience in various software including LG Solutions, IT Vision SynergySoft, Civica Authority, TechOne, Open Access, Magiq Software.
  • Financial Reporting
  • Costing and Analysis, including Service Reviews
  • Asset Management and Accounting
  • Annual Statutory Financial Statements
  • Annual Business Plan and Budgets
  • Long-Term Financial Plans
  • Internal Control Assessment
  • Acquittals, Government and Statutory Returns
  • Developing or improving financial systems and processes
  • Relief of finance positions (including creditors and debtors)

South Australia, and beyond

0472 757 529

Brian Appeldoorn

  • Over 30 years in Local Government
  • Experienced in Finance Manager (CFO) & Director Corporate Services roles
  • Conversant with Authority (Civica), Practical, Finance One & Civic View.
  • Excellent skills in using Microsoft products including Excel & Word.
  • Annual financial reporting
  • Acting in CFO / Finance Manager roles
  • System review, design and implementation
  • General ledger restructure
  • Internal Controls
  • Staff Mentoring and Development
  • Temporary Rates relief

Based in Sydney, can access Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Central Coast on a daily basis, rest of NSW considered.

0420 575 756